Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Blo... err I mean, first post, basic guide =D

Hi guys, for the really first guide, here is some tips that a lot of dota players simple tends to ignore =/
It's really basic stuff, the credits go for the =)

Staying Alive?
NEVER ever fight in an disadvantage situation! Well its like you being alone having knowing that 3 hero is coming your way? (best to stick with at least one teammate in every condition) Retreat to the nearest tower or if its still unsafe, run further back in your base. Stay alert with both the minimap
and of course your Hero's health. Get back to the Fountain of Health in your base if your HP is low. (best to get back around 200hp on the early stage of the game)

There are few ways to earn gold in this game. Killing your opponent's heroes, the wave of creep that are distributed in each lane or even the Neutral Creeps that are spawns in the forest area. You will also receive gold when your team's creep kill an opponent or its creep, but gold are distributed evenly to all the player in your team.
Strongest Neutral Creep
The strongest Neutral Creep of this game is Roshan and is located near the river part of the middle lane. Had a shot of it on the right.

Team's Creep
Scourge's spawn consist team of a Necromancer and 3 Ghoul while Sentinel's spawn consist a team of a Druid of Talon and 3 Treant. These unit will be spawn 90 seconds when the game start and the amount will be increased, as well as the level of the creep of your team will be upgraded as soon as a production building of the opposing team is destroyed.

Scourge Team
Temple of the Damned - Necromancer
Crypt - Ghoul

Sentinel Team
Ancient of Lore - Druid of Talon
Ancient of War - Treant

Anger Management
Happens commonly that player got heated up when their team are losing as the game goes on? Is that what gaming about, giving stress to yourself and started cursing over the screen? That's a total psychotic act and I suggest you to keep away from the game then. Its just a game, everyone plays to have fun.

Ok, I guess that for today its enough, if all players on or garena undertood only those basic things, the games there would be a lot more awsome =D
That's this blog purpose, I really hope for this to work out =)

Bye guys, next post: tomorrow \o/


  1. Cool guide bro. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. Good guide, I learned a couple things.

  3. Seeing lots of similarities w/ other mobas. Especially the anger management part lol